Reflecting on CEP 810

As the last week of CEP 810, my current graduate course, comes to a close I’m taking some time to reflect on the course and how it may impact my teaching this year. The course centered around teaching for understanding with technologies but we focused on more than just technology we might use with students. It looked at using technology to learn new content, to aid in planning and organizing lessons, to connect with others, to create new material, and to increase student understanding. This course has stretching my learning as a teacher and forced me to make it public. It has made me think about how I can help my students create public works and how that may change the level of work they produce because an audience is out there somewhere and able to view their work. It has reinforced the idea that we, as teachers, should not wait for a technology to come along and solve the issues in education. We should be looking at ways to repurpose what is our there for our students while honoring how they learn through their personal learning networks.

Prior to the course I had been thinking about starting a blog this year but didn’t really know where to begin. This course was a great way for me to dive into the world of blogging and try a few new things along the way.

I’m still finding myself looking for a focus for the blog and wondering who might find what I say interesting. As well as some logistical things about working WordPress but I do know now how to use networked learning to find solutions to those questions. Finally, I’m still thinking about how I will improve my scaffolding of technology skills with my students. I am excited to share some of these tools with them but I want to be purposeful in my implementation and be sure that the technology is furthering their understanding of content.

As I close out blog posts for the course I will turn over to Blaugust prompts and #Teach180 as the school year starts!


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on CEP 810

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    I love that you have a clear pathway for blogging coming out of this course! It doesn’t matter who your thoughts and voice resonate with, as long as you’ve got a solid plan for making your thoughts more visible. And to double down with thoughts of helping your students make their own work public as well is awesome! You have a fantastic path set out ahead of you, and I’m sure that if you stick to it, you’ll find some folks to chime in every now and then to help guide you and give you reassurance that the only person that matters when it comes to finding your work interesting is yourself…if you make sure that what you’re doing keeps you engaged, then you’ll be in a great place, and others will see that, especially your students. Have a great school year!


  2. 7anantech says:

    I was excited to find that MSU students blog about their experiences!
    I will be your audience from now on. I am starting my first fall at MAET, and looking forward to it.
    Great start with blogging and I hope you keep it going 🙂


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