Productive Technologies

To say that I have over committed myself this summer is an understatement. I dove in head first to many commitments this summer and found it difficult to keep everything straight. At times just needed to find motivation to continue the work so I looked to two new ways to help increase my productivity. I love making lists but keeping them in one place is impossible when you make them on sticky notes and notepads so I tried Wunderlist.


My most recent Wunderlist

It is a very easy app to create and organize to-do lists. It still allows me to cross off items when I complete them and see what I’ve completed. Being able to see the list crossed off helps me to monitor my progress through the list. I can create categories and make multiple lists in each category. I haven’t had any issues using this app so far and anticipate using it even more when the school year starts!

The second new tool I tried out was an app called 30/30. It’s a great way to manage your time on tasks. It allows you to set times to work on tasks and give yourself breaks. I can estimate the time a task on my Wunderlist will take and then add it to 30/30 when I’m ready to work through many items on my list in an afternoon. It helps me focus directly on a task instead of unproductively thinking about that task and not getting work done. I would highly recommend trying both of these tools out! I haven’t found any issues with either yet.

If you try them I would love to hear how you use them in your context!



3 thoughts on “Productive Technologies

  1. N C says:

    Your lead sentence is golden. Haven’t tried Wunderlist, but I have 30/30 on my phone. I am still able to distract myself, even 30/30 is running, but at least it helps me concretely track how much time has gone by and how productive I’m being. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Ben Rimes says:

    LOL, I’m with NC, I often find myself in the same situation…I even had to cancel a workshop I was going to attend later this month because I’m overbooked everywhere else.

    I’ve found that Wunderlist is nice as a task-list, but if you run across more complicated projects requiring detailed steps and actions (with resources attached perhaps), you might want to consider Trello ( It’s project management “lite” and can be an excellent companion to Wunderlist.

    I like that you’re thinking about putting a couple of tools together (30/30 alongside Wunderlist), as it often takes multiple tools to get a job done. Now off to thinking unproductively again…or rather, working 🙂


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