Personal Learning Network

As a newer teacher a personal learning network (PLN) can be key in sustainability through the first few years. Who do you lean on? Where do you get your inspiration from? How do you connect with other educators? I’ve created a quick map of part of my PLN, I am sure that I have left out some meaningful connections. I am going into my fourth year teaching and I know that it is because of my PLN that I have been able to make it through the first three years.

Below I have split my PLN into four sections; Michigan State University (MSU) , Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) , School and Social Media. After mapping them out with I was able to see that each section overlaps to another section and if I kept mapping it I am sure I would see more connections. MSU has been a valuable resource to connections with other educators and academic connections. I work with a very innovative and passionate group of educators in my school context. We engage in various professional development opportunities and lead project based learning trainings globally.  Social media has greatly impacted my teaching. Twitter has connected me with educators globally and allowed me to showcase my classroom to anyone who follows me (@MsDiMaria). Finally the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship has been by far the most impactful part of my PLN. This section of my PLN contains new STEM teachers, impactful teacher developers, endless professional development opportunities and great connections to the educational community. I am very grateful for the meaningful connections I have made in my first few years of teaching. As I continue to network in the coming years I am interested in seeing how my PLN grows and comparing it to where it is now.


PLN map using


One thought on “Personal Learning Network

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    I LOVE the interconnectedness of your PLN. It highlights two big concepts for me, one of which you already touched on; yes, you likely left out some connections, but the ones you did include are fantastic, especially for someone still so new in the field. The multiple connections you’ve made between Twitter, Social Media, and other elements of your PLN will likely continue to grow, and could very well become a major hub for the future of your PLN. I love that the Knowles plays the role of a major hub in your PLN as well; those connections with other content-minded educators will likely continue to serve you well as you evolve as an educator.

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